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Name: Nick Barlow

"Moving into the new year I needed a new challenge and I needed to start my ascent toward being in better shape. Spire Boot Camp was the best choice I could have made. Audrey is a fantastic trainer as well as a fantastic person. She makes sure that everyone in her class feels comfortable with their workouts while still challenging them. I have done a lot of athletics in my life and none were as challenging as Spire Boot Camp. The workouts were constantly changed up, I was never bored and I was always challenged. I recommend Audrey to anyone regardless of age, size, or fitness level. Keep up the good work, you're changing lives every day."

Name: Debbie Perry
Occupation: Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor
Birth Date: 2/7/1962

"My husband and I decided to give each other and ourselves the gift of better health for Christmas. We started out with 3 nights a week. We enjoyed it so much and saw such great results that we have signed up for another month! Audrey is patient and encouraging. She takes the time to help each person with their form and with whatever level of each exercise they need. She motivates each person to push themselves and not give up. We are pleased with our experience and will recommend Spire Boot Camp to our family and friends!"

Name: Silvia Davis

"A year ago a finished cancer treatment, I had no energy, or good form and I was gaining weight without stop. I new that I needed to do something and I was so blessed to found this deal and to meet Audrey. I loved her classes, her style and most of all, her way to treat people; she makes you work hard without diminishing or disrespect. She knows what she's doing and she loves doing it. If I could I will do it over and over again. Really helped me tremendously. THANK YOU AUDREY FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY..."

Name: Kathy Bair

"I wasn't to sure about taking the classes, I am 45 years old and have never been good at exercising. I got hooked after the first session, I got up every morning at 630 am looking forward to my class. I feel happy, healthier, and stronger. I lost 7 lbs in 4 weeks. People can tell that My body looks better, I have never been overweight but the class has shaped my body..I have absolutley loved it!!"

Name: Stephanie Colemere

"Audrey is an excellent instuctor for boot camp! She modifies things for people of all different skill levels and pushes you when she knows you can give more! I'm so grateful for her motivation!"

Name: Scot Stirling
Occupation: Lawyer
Birth date: 8/27/1954

"My only regret is that I didn't start training with Audrey a long time ago, because this is far and away the best and smartest thing I have ever done for myself.

Before I met Audrey, I belonged to a fitness center and actually showed up regularly, but I hadn't been in good shape for a long time, and I wasn't going to get in shape doing what I was doing; I had no real focus or program, and I didn't know enough and wasn't sufficiently motivated to get out of that rut on my own. With Audrey's help, I have lost weight and kept off 30 lbs. for more than a year, my body fat percentage is a fraction of what it was when we started, I am stronger than I expected to be, with much greater endurance, and my flexibility and balance, things I neglected when I was working out on my own, have improved tremendously. I am still improving, because working with Audrey has made me ambitious to set new goals, and has convinced me that I can achieve them.

Audrey is remarkable for her professionalism; she knows what she's doing, she is very easy to work with, and she is obviously dedicated to helping her clients get the results they want. Audrey has a very nice way of encouraging hard work with attention to correct form, and she does a terrific job of changing up exercise programs so they never become stale or boring. If you want to lose weight, get stronger, be healthy, feel better, and look better, you will not find a better trainer to help you with any of those goals than Audrey Gygi."

Name: Summer Marshall
Occupation: Physician Assistant Family Practice
Birth Date: 3/2/1978

"Audrey is an amazing trainer! Being with Audrey for 10 weeks completely changed my body. Being involved in sports my whole life my body got used to doing certain movements, therefore my weight loss and fitness level reached a plateau. Audrey took my fitness to the next level and within 10 weeks I lost 18 pounds and 8% body fat! She is dedicated and is not afraid to push you to work hard. Audrey knows what she is doing and listens to her clients. I would recommend Audrey to anybody! Thanks again Audrey, your the BEST!"

Name: John H. Gombas
Occupation: Retired
Birth Date: 10/1/1939

"I must say that at first I was somewhat apprehensive about having a female personal trainer...that apprehension was soon gone after only a couple of workouts with Audrey. I realized what a passionate and good trainer she is. She is very concerned about total body function - Proper form, mental focus, intensity of training and good nutrition.

I have found (through her training) that even the slightest adjustment she makes in my form (which she never stops stressing) have significantly enhanced the effectiveness of my training. I can now do more than I thought I could (she pushes me) and feel better for it. Audrey has me doing things I never thought I could do or would even attempt to do on my own.

While I was never in "bad" shape, I did suffer from back and neck pain. The correct form and intensity of exercise Audrey has shown me has made me more agile and flexible and eliminated my back and neck problems. Along with her good looks and sparkling personality, Audrey is a very positive and passionate person (and trainer). She makes one feel like they can and will achieve good results."

Name: Phyllis Tragethon
Occupation: Salon Owner
Birth Date: 12/2/1940

"Audrey was my first trainer of any worth. She is patient and kind, but she will make you work and you will see improvement. I lost weight and gained strength at the same time. She is caring and you will love her."

Name: John Carter
Occupation: Realtor
Birth Date: 4/27/1952

"My original objective in working with Audrey was to improve my physical condition through strength training. In our initial session, Audrey determined that reducing my body fat should be a major objective, and implemented a fitness program utilizing strength training, aerobics, and stretching.

The strength training Audrey provided was unique in my experience for its creativity. I now have a number of new and different ways to work a given muscle group, which gives my workouts much more variety and much less repetitive boredom.

Audrey's aerobics and flexibility training have provided a valuable complement to the strength training, helping to enhance my overall results.

From the start of our workouts together, I was looking for concrete results to justify the time and effort spent with Audrey. The results, as documented in body measurements, have far exceeded my expectations. My body fat is down significantly, my aerobic ability has improved remarkably, my flexibility is better that it has ever been, and my posture is much improved. In short, Audrey has taken me far beyond any of my original hopes for improving my physical condition.

Finally, I'll note that my training sessions with Audrey involved hard work, but also included a sense of humor that made the sessions more enjoyable. As a result of our time together, I look forward to working out on my own, while returning for training sessions with Audrey to greatly enhance future results. I wouldn't consider any other trainer, as I have found Audrey to be simply "the best" in the personal training field."

Name: Kevin M Etheridge
Occupation: Business Owner
Birth Date: 2/1/1956

" I found Audrey to be a delight to work with. She is knowledgeable, informative and best of all a pleasant person to talk with during our workout program. She is hard working and that is a rare find in this day."

Name: Pamela Hall
Occupation: Retired
Birth Date: 9/21/1946

"My osteoarthritis had progressed to the point that I could no longer walk or ride my bike. Audrey taught me to swim at the age of 59! I could again exercise and maintain my health. She's great!"

Name: Jeanie Lynch
Occupation: Court Manager
Birth Date: 7/23/1946

"When I began my personal training with Audrey, I thought I knew about exercising as I have been in multiple exercise programs for many, many years. I was very surprised at the focus on core training as this concept was very new to me. I was even more surprised at the benefits I gained from having a trainer who kept me focused on areas such as flexibility, strength and balance as those were clearly the areas that I needed the most work. In the beginning I really struggled. However, with Audrey's coaxing and persistence, I found that within a few weeks after starting I was making amazing progress. Audrey is disciplined, focused and really develops a plan for the individual rather than a single plan used for everyone. Audrey is awesome!"

Name: Joanna Rayyan
Occupation: Copy Editor
Birth Date: 2/16/1983

"Training with Audrey was an excellent experience for me. Not only did she teach me many new techniques in toning certain areas, but she actually explained the benefits of those workouts and why they are so necessary to do. I lost weight and dropped several inches around my waist and thighs. Audrey is extremely hardworking, patient, and she has a lot of knowledge on the subject of fitness. She was always more than willing to answer all of my questions and cater to my busy schedule. Audrey is very comfortable to work with and truly cares about seeing results in every client she works with."

Name: Terry Clark
Occupation: Retired
Birth Date: 8/10/1944

"I was fortunate to have Audrey as my Personal Trainer/ Shoulder Rehab guru for approximately 4 months. She was pleasant, prompt, professional, and most importantly, knew what she was doing, having taken care in researching and planning each session.

The prospects of a 60 year old, 170 lbs. making the NFL remain slim, but my overall fitness and my shoulder function and flexibility definitely improved greatly with Audrey's training and stretching and occasional nagging."

Name: Diane Baskind
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Birth Date: 9/5/1953

"I can not say enough about my experience with Audrey and her program. MOST OF MY ADULT LIFE I have had lower back problems. SINCE WORKING WITH AUDREY MY BACK IS PAIN FREE. Even after heavy lifting my back is fine. In addition I feel strong and enjoy much better posture. However, what I have noticed most is the improvement in my balance. At my age I feel it is so important to maintain my balance. Audrey works very hard in her program to concentrate on balance and core exercises. The program is hard and the rewards are tremendous. Audrey offsets the hard work with a personality that motivates and supports me every step of the way. My workouts with Audrey is an investment in me, the fact that I enjoy it so much makes the investment that much better."


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